Delivering Agile Microsoft Business Intelligence Solutions including: Enterprise Power BI Solution Architecture with Azure Data Source Integration, Power BI Report and Data Model Development, Business Intelligence Centers of Excellence, Data Governance, and Agile Project Management.

Power BI

A complete analytics platform capable of both cloud and on-premise reporting for organizations big and small, Power BI is an integrated suite of tools for complete “365 degree” organizational reporting and analytics. From creating a “Single Source of Truth” through robust data integration and modeling tools, to managing all of your KPIs and metrics, and controlling security and access with a native mobile and cloud presence, Power BI is the most powerful complete analytics suite available for enterprise business intelligence management. Leverage your data, and gain certainty and control over your reporting and analytics with the industry leading platform.

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Agile Project Management

Agile is a modern project management framework and workflow methodology that helps teams to quickly align and deliver new value to the organization rapidly. With a focus on communication, self-organization, strong definitions of goals and outcomes, agile is able to keep teams working together cohesively and coherently, even if they are distributed geographically and have different types of expertise. The goal is to deliver working features and products consistently, in short iterations, while staying close to what the business actually needs and values. Agile works well with modern software delivery life cycle best practices and project management tools. The purpose is to have developers working closely with operations (DevOps) to drive value together and stay aligned.

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Demo of Interactive Power BI Report for Microsoft AdventureWorks 2012 Data Warehouse


To provide our clients with more certainty and control over their critical business decisions, by aligning their business capabilities and efforts with their Goals, by leveraging industry leading business intelligence technology and employing best practices in project management and delivery.


To align our client’s people, process, systems, data, and strategy in order to help them build a better business intelligence, data management, and analytics platform.


To collaborate with our clients and lead them through a business intelligence modernization program in order to enhance their business value delivery systems and operational efficiency.

To coach our clients in agile project management methodology and data architecture capabilities which will help them continuously improve and integrate their business in alignment with their operational strategy.

To align our clients’ capabilities and processes to deliver continuous improvement internally, and increased value externally.


To meet with your organization to discuss your business, to learn about your goals and your current state, and to help your organization plan and deliver tangible improvements to your business operations and value creating processes.

Let’s work together to get your business aligned around your people, processes, systems, data and strategy so your organization can have the certainty and control it needs to make critical decisions that lead to the actions that create the most value for your customers.