BI Engineering and Development


The actual work of developing and creating the solution takes place after you have done your thinking and planning about the project. Once you know what you want to build, and how you will go about it, you can get down to the work of actually doing it.


This is where your developers and engineers will actually build the IT Infrastructure, Applications, and Reports that you require in your project. They will stand up environments, determine user access protocols and roles, create and accesses data, develop reports


Your organizations developers will stand up environments, install apps, and determine user access protocols and roles, develop databases, ETLs, queries, and reports. They will go through the sprint process to further define the work breakdown structure, assign tasks, and do the actual development work to build the various solutions that have been scoped in the project plan. They will demo their work, collect feedback, iterate, and drive continuous delivery and improvement. The results will be working applications supported by data creation, data storage, data transformation, data modeling, data reporting, data quality assurance, and data collaboration tools and processes.


The development process is the actual use and building of your data assets and IT Infrastructure to create solutions of value that provide insight and information. This is where the rubber hits the road in terms of actually using and leveraging your data. Your organization is developing the tools it needs to be able to think accurately, clearly, timely, and effectively about your operations.