Plan: How

Once you know “What” you need to do, you need to determine “How” you are going to go about doing it.

That means making a Plan, which means choosing a method and a framework for delivering your project.

Align 1st often uses the project management method and framework known as Agile.

Agile is a modern, flexible, highly effective and rapid way to create business processes and systems of value.

Agile is a cost effective, open, engaging and powerful approach to working together. It is a set of practices and rituals that help align and ensure that work gets done timely, to specification, and in a prioritized and organized way. In short, it helps your rapidly realize business value and pivot away from risk and waste.

There are lots of ways to succeed, but if you want to succeed, you need to get organized.

Agile is a project delivery approach that can help you get aligned and get working together, fast.