Engagement Model and Process Overview: How We Work With You

Our first step to working with you as our client is to meet with you and to listen to your current needs and observations. What is working, and what is not working? What are your questions and concerns? How would you like things to operate? What are your strengths, and weaknesses? What is currently happening with your organization – what is the state of affairs?

Once we understand what your current state is, and what your major priorities are, then we can start talking about a realistic and feasible future state. We can start to identify areas for improvement, opportunity, and risk control. This is where we talk about your goals and priorities. From this, we can get a sense of the program you would like to run in order to modernize and enhance your organizations capabilities and controls.

We will typically meet with you a few times to gather this information, we will run assessments, ask questions, take lots of notes, and then come back with a synthesis and synopsis of our findings to present to you. In this way, you will have a concise analysis, with some recommended courses of actions and some possible avenues to peruse for solutions.

Once you have the scope and definition of your current state, and clear understanding of possible future states, we can start to talk about your near and long term priorities, and start to make a plan to address each one.

With priorities and timelines scoped from a high level, we can pick a project to start with, and begin to define it in more certain terms: scope and size, requirements, resources, timeline and costs.

We have lots of tools and artifacts to help with this process so you are able to keep track of the road-map and the progress and status the entire time.

We expect to align with you first, to help sect expectations and understanding up from that is clear and shared across the project team – that way we can deliver effectively and smoothly throughout the course of our engagement with your organization.

We believe in high-touch service and direct and open communication. We want to be in high fidelity with your team, so please, feel free to open a conversation on any topic at any time, we are here to help you manage this entire process from end-to-end.