Vision, Mission, and Values


At Align 1st, we envision a future for our clients characterized by enhanced certainty and control over their critical business decisions, by aligning their business capabilities and efforts with their strategic goals. We turn this vision into reality by harnessing cutting-edge business intelligence technology and adhering to the highest standards in data management, project execution, and client service.


Align 1st exists to provide your organization with an expert resource in Business Intelligence and Data Management. We help our clients clarify and understand their goals and comparative advantage in the market using data insights. Align 1st will coach your organization in the Agile Project Management Methodology and Delivery Framework in order to drive tangible results on your project. We will also assist your organization scope and articulate a data management strategy, and Business Intelligence Transformation Program. Align 1st will partner with you to deliver new, modern, and capable Business Intelligence Architecture and Solutions, and will remain a long-term trusted advisor to your organization in the Analytics space.


Align 1st is committed these principles at the core of its relationships to all of its clients: Honesty and Integrity, Constructive Attitudes and Behaviors, Effective and Efficient Effort, Teamwork and Collaboration, Open and Direct Communication, Diversity and Inclusivity, Transparency and Accountability, Expertise and Due Diligence, Flexibility and Agility, Return on Investment, and a Spirit of Customer Service and Empowerment. We want you to Win the Right Way.